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Web Implant allows you to inject any content into your web traffic.
The technology can be used in a broad range of industries. Perfect for ISPs, Wi-Fi hotspots, VPNs and more...

How does it work?

An end user visits a website through an internet service that uses Web Implant.
Web implant will change the traffic in real time. By doing so, it is possible to inject content into the webpage.
The extra content can be ads that are injected anywhere in the page, but it can also be analytics scripts, surveys, general information and much more.


  • Stimulating sales locally through ads in wifi
  • Getting revenue from showing ads
  • Communicating with your customer, asking for feedback
  • Promoting your social media

WebImplant is based on our custom MPX Proxy Web proxy system. It's a reliable high-speed plugin-based proxy server that allows neat little things like content injection and request interception.

MPX Proxy

Due to little interest, we have decided not to continue with this project. Still interested? Please contact us.