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Sound design

Sometimes you just need a specially crafted custom sound. We can help you with that!

Sound branding

Sound branding (also known as audio branding, sonic branding, acoustic branding or sound logo) is the use of a sound to reinforce brand identity. It helps you to convey a memorable message to your targeted customers. By using branded sound a company is recognised by its sound in addition to its visual representations, which creates a whole new dimension of possibilities for brand identity articulation. Your brand can benefit from this! Contact us and let us help you to create your own unique sound.

Sound design for video, games and songs

Songs, videos and games often require custom ambiances and sound effects, specially designed to deliver a certain emotion to the listener. What sounds you use in your work can really have a big impact on the emotion that you deliver. Horror movies, for example, wouldn't scare you if they wouldn't have those haunting sounds. We can create custom sound effects and ambiences for you that will help your creative work to get to the next level. Contact us to see how we can help you with custom sounds.

Sound design for software and other media

Custom sounds can really change the perceived quality of your software product. Adding specially crafted effects for notifications and feedback on user interface manipulation will improve the UX for your enduser by adding a new dimension to the manipulation feedback. We can make the sounds that will make your UX stand out.