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Song production

Great songs move and evoke emotions. At Wirple we take great care in making music that will evoke strong feelings with your listeners. Artists, musicians, songwriters and publishers can make use of our online music production services to create awesome, professional songs. We help you from the pre-production stage up to publishing.


Video and games cannot exist without songs and sound effects that create specific emotions around your message. Is your company looking for custom music for films, games, brand videos or youtube video? Or do you need a song for your advertisement? We would love to discuss your project with you and work on a unique music piece for your material.


Have you almost finished your production, but do you still feel like something's missing and you don't know what it is? Hire us to add extra instrumentation to your tracks and to improve arrangement, structure and dynamics. Let us help you create a finished track.


A well-produced radio spot can inspire the imagination like nothing else. Do you need audio for an advertisment spot? We can help you by producing professional spots for radio and streaming.