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In a world where loads of new songs are being released everyday, it is important to have a song that sounds pretty to the ears, or people won't be listening to it. A good mix will make the difference! If you want to be taken serious you need to be professional. And nothing says professional like a good mixed recording.

Let our audio mixing service bring your music, soundtrack, vocals or effects up to a professional level. We'll bring your sound to the next level. Everything is balanced out evenly, resulting in a polished mix.

Upon request, we also do post-processing for single stems (for example enhancing vocal tracks). Let us know your requirements and we'll be happy to help.

The process

Step 1

Record your stems using a method of your choice. It does not matter if you're in a Hollywood professional studio or at home, as long as you try to achieve the best recording quality, capturing exceptional performances.

Step 2

Send the stem files to us online - or - deliver them on a physical medium.

You have the opportunity to convey your preferences, influences, submit notes and reference material to the mixing engineer.

Step 3

The mixing engineer applies post-processing and mixes your record.

When the first mix is complete, you will receive the mix for approval and to gather your thoughts and feedback. After this, we will do revisions, so you can be totally satisfied.