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Let us prepare your mixes for distribution. Due to the high demands of the modern market, mastering is more critical than ever for the quality of your production. Mastering is the final step in audio production.

Why should you get your music mastered?

Mastering your tracks will give them more depth, clarity punch and volume. It will help your music translate better to the outside world. After we mastered your tracks, your tracks should sound good on as many different sound systems as possible: mobile devices, hi-fi systems, small speakers, car stereos and club sound systems.

If you want that industry-standard sound and quality, mastering can be an important step. Let us take care of that.

What happens during the mastering process?

We'll improve the clarity, tonality and dynamic range of your songs. We will also make sure your song has the correct loudness for todays standards. If you're compiling a whole album of tracks, we might also adjust track processing, fades and inter-track gaps, in order to create a coherent-sounding album. Next to that, we will also add ISRC codes and other metadata, so your album is ready to be released.